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Vickie” Ortiz, CMA

Primary Role: Medical Assistant to Scott Mack M.D., Office Manager

Vickie has worked in the practice of OB/GYN for 20 years. After Dr. Del Riego sold his practice to Dr. Mack in 1998, she stayed on as his right-hand person right up to the date!

She has extensive experience and an impressive knowledge base of patient education in all areas of OB/GYN office practice. Her early education took place in her native country of Nicaragua – thus she speaks Spanish impeccably.

Victoria Contreras, CMA

Primary Role: Receptionist, Office Biller

Though a certified back-office assistant, Victoria fills all aspects of our front-office needs. She is equally comfortable in English and Spanish. As a certified medical assistant, Victoria understands patient needs vis-à-vis many aspects of appointment scheduling. She can often answer questions regarding what you may expect such as what procedures you may need and probable length of your visit based upon the specific problem.

Victoria is our billing department! She can be depended upon to give you the best information available regarding your insurance coverage and other financial questions regarding your care in our office.

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